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Prontius emerges as the answer to the market need for a Quick and Accurate response in Analysis. With more than 10 years of experience, the laboratory and our team of experts offer a service under the NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2018 system.

Only Laboratory in LATAM
Certified to detect
Glyphosate & AMPA in Honey

QUALITY is the word that define us. From costumer's request to accurate results delivery, our quality management system is designed to detect, reduce or correct possible analytical deficiencies; therefore, we can assure certainty and reliability of the results, always under a process of continuous improvement.

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As a testing laboratory according to the requirements established in the Mexican standard NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2018 (ISO / IEC17025: 2017) for evaluation activities in the chemistry and agricultural health sector.

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Establish ourselves globally as a solid company, working and training as a unified team with respect and values; meet quality standards as well as national and international regulations, generating a high added value service and innovation.


Bring accuracy and reliability in our analysis services, guaranteeing quality standards; contributing with our country proposing tailor-made solutions to our customers, environmentally friendly and promoting sustainable development


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